Different Types of Fishing

Although there are many different types of fishing, usually all those different types are broken down into two distinct groups; saltwater fishing and freshwater fishing. Usually a saltwater fishing rod and reel will be stronger and capable of taking more strain than a saltwater fishing rod and reel due to the fishermen hoping to catch larger fish in the sea than those hoping to catch fish in rivers or lakes.

It isn’t just the rods and reels that vary between these two groups though as the lures used often also vary. Different types of lure are usually used to catch different types of fish and so as the fish in the sea are usually different from the fish in freshwater, so the lures must also be different. A lure is something which a fisherman hopes will entice a fish to try and bite and in doing so, also bite the hook and thereafter be caught and brought ashore or onto a boat. The lure therefore basically tricks a fish into thinking it something the fish can eat.

Some fishermen prefer not to use lures but instead use bait and there are two types of bait, live bait and non-live bait. Live bait usually consists of worms for freshwater fishermen and small fish for saltwater fishermen but either group of fishermen can use the same type of non-live bait which is basically fish or meat cut up into smaller pieces. Sometimes bait works better than lures and sometimes it works the other way around and lures work better than bait but it all depends on what type of fish you are hoping to catch, where you are fishing and how you fish.

As well as the different types of lures, rods and lines you use, equally important for a successful fishing event is the location which the fisherman chooses to do their fishing. Although for freshwater fishermen, it is often experience which tells them which part of a river or lake to fish, with saltwater fishermen, the decision is often made by the boat’s captain and their e3xperience rather than the actual fisherman’s. The location is important as often different types of fish will choose different areas in which to feed and knowing those areas for the types of fish you hope to catch is therefore essential for success.

If you are knew to fishing or perhaps just new to a particular type of fishing, often advice as to the best fishing practices can be found on the same websites as fishermen use to purchase their tackle. The people that use these websites are from all over the country and perhaps even from all over the world and so the combined wisdom that they can offer through these websites can be immense and very useful to any fisherman, let alone a beginner. If you opt to use a local hardware store to buy your tackle, at least they will probably be able to give advice on how to catch the fish that are most commonly caught in that area.