E-Cigarettes Today

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E-Cigarettes today are enjoying more use in the UK and this is probably a good thing for everyone in the UK. It is good because the vast majority of e-cigarette users are people that used to smoke tobacco cigarettes and certainly the less people smoking in the country is good for all of us and our environment as well. At one time it was thought that smokers were only creating a health hazard for themselves but more recently it was discovered that the over 4000 chemicals which are produced in tobacco cigarette smoke can have harmful effects on anyone that inhales them, regardless of whether they are a smoker or not.

This meant that smokers were in fact affecting the health of the atmosphere around us and in response to this, although smoking was not made illegal, it was made illegal to smoke in public buildings and bans on smoking in other places also followed.

It may be easy for a non-smoker to say that due to the health problems that smoking produces, it should be made illegal but unfortunately, due to the nicotine content in tobacco cigarettes, they are addictive and so smokers cannot that easily give up the habit.

It has been found now though that although e-cigarettes may not always be able to stop people smoking completely, they can assist in quelling a smoker’s craving for a cigarette for varying amounts of time. The e-cigarettes feel like a cigarette in the fingers and as they contain a small amount of nicotine, suspend the need for a traditional cigarette, effective dealing with a traditional smoker’s habit and craving.

As e-cigarettes are not harmful to others, they are not banned anywhere which means by using an e-cigarette instead of a tobacco one, a smoker can feel more comfortable in social gatherings as they do not have to pop out for a smoke every few minutes, instead, stay where they are and have an e-cigarette. You can learn more about e-cigarettes by following this link http://www.sthreesolutions.com/ but basically they produce a vapour rather than smoke and this vapour does not have any of the 4000 chemicals which make cigarette smoke so hazardous. The e-cigarette does usually have some nicotine and that is what quells the smoker’s craving but it is not as much as in traditional cigarettes and so not enough to be addictive.

Many smokers that have tried e-cigarettes on certain occasions have found that they work so well in quelling their cravings and administering to their habit, that they are able to use them more in order to stop smoking completely. Although this is not always the case, if e-cigarettes can stop even some people from smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, they are helping to protect our environment. Tests are still ongoing as to whether there are any health hazards that can be associated with e-cigarettes but there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that the tests will show that even if there are some, there will not be any as severe as the ones with tobacco cigarettes.