Screens for Privacy

Screens for privacy are now available for PCs, laptops or any other handheld device you may use for placing or viewing information online. Known as a Privacy Screen, privacy filter or privacy protector, these screens reduce the angles from which images on a screen can be seen. This means that once a privacy filter is used, a person sat next to you will not be able to see what is being displayed on your screen.

These screens have become necessary due to the increased number of identity thefts that are occurring, especially as that number keeps increasing. The two main ways how identity thieves get your information is by hacking or by actually seeing passwords or other information you use, directly from your screen as you use your online device. The war against hacking continues to be thought and as it becomes harder for the thieves to hack the information they need to steal your identity, they opt for the second method for getting it.

If you are using your laptop on a plane, for instance, you may be aware that the person next to you is looking over at your screen and so you are careful of what you allow it to show but at an airport are you so aware of exactly who may be looking at your screen and from where?

You probably not aware of who is looking at your screen in airports or terminals, and so it is for those instances that a privacy screen is needed to protect your screen from prying eyes. The screens usually have two ways of being fixed to your screen, one is a more permanent fixing which is best left on whilst the other is easily removable and so can be placed on or off the screen at will and as necessary.

As these screens are now made by several different manufacturers, there should be one available for whatever device you have, regardless of the type or size of that device. Most of the screens come in either black or gold which means that is the color that the screen will look to anyone from one side but will remain the same for someone directly in front.

People who work in shared offices are already buying these screens in order to prevent their co-workers or anyone else seeing what is on their screens as they work but businessmen are also buying and using these screens for a different reason. Often a businessman may have to make a business trip and besides the usual problems that traveling with a laptop present, there is the added problem that confidential company business may be stolen if proper protection isn’t used whilst using the laptop at a different company’s location.

These screens are therefore a small price to pay for ensuring your private information or confidential business matters are kept private and confidential. Identity theft is real and on the increase and does not just happen to the wealthy but also the not so well off.