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Today sportswear is big business especially in the footwear department. This was not always the case though as at one time, one pair of trainers could and was used for any type of sport or training for that sport. It became apparent though that many foot injuries could have been avoided if special trainers were worn for special types of training and so before you knew it, all types of different trainers were available for all kinds of different sports. This is a situation that remains the same today and is likely to continue well into the future. As different sports require different types of agility, they also require different movements of the foot and therefore certain parts of the foot need to be strengthened for different training routines. This strengthening of the foot meant exercise and special footwear in order to try and prevent any needless injuries occurring.

This has perhaps become especially important with the introduction of the relatively new sport crossfit. Crossfit is especially demanding as it combines many different aspects of exercise and is in fact based on exercises. What is now known as crossfit in many gymnasiums began as training for elite law enforcement agencies and Special Forces. They are required to be in the fittest possible health and physically capable of dealing with almost anything at any time, in any conditions. This led to their physical training instructors to devise a training program that was both thorough and rigorous. Probably as these elite men in uniform finished their service, they continued to do their routines in gymnasiums around the country. The programs were seen as being impressive by the other users of the gyms and so they too, started to follow the rigorous programs. It is only then that this type of training started to become known as crossfit among the workout enthusiasts and it became increasingly popular as the main training program for many workout groups. It has become so popular that the training shoe manufacturers had to try and design a pair of trainers that could withstand these more rigorous training programs.

Of course though, that did not take them long and so they can now be found at places like Gladiators Gear where there are ones made by both Reebok and Nike and some of the other leading training shoe makers. It is perhaps a good thing that the shoe makers came up with appropriate footwear as quickly as they did as it has now become the latest official sport. Known as the sport of fitness, this is a sport that will test its competitors to the limits of their strength and endurance. As the training program originally did, the sport as well as involving multiple different aspects to test a competitor’s fitness, it also includes elements of strength and that of course means that any crossfit training program would also include weight lifting. With all of these aspects added together in just one sport, the training shoes have to be as tough as the athletes competing.